Using the CleverReach REST API v1

Sending the Accces Token

In addition to sending the access token via the GET parameter, you can also send the access token as the Authorization HTTP Header (example: Authorization: Bearer ABCDEFGH...)

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API ChangeLog


  • Make sure you use a REST V3 token to use REST V3!

  • Return types: To be more REST compliant, always return the correct and same data type


  • DELETE /v2/groups/{id}/receivers DISABLED because a missing email/recipient id in a call for a single client could truncate the whole group. Use /v2/groups/{id}/truncate instead.
  • GET /v2/clients/: Change: Always return a array
  • GET /v2/clients/whoami: New function: Get Information about the current client
  • GET /v2/clients/{id}/token: New function: Get JWT token for the desired client


First Release