Using the CleverReach REST API v2

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Sending the Accces Token
In addition to sending the access token via the GET parameter, you can also send the access token as the Authorization HTTP Header
(example: Authorization: Bearer h0lYjW770KeNi4m847m4N...)


  • Make sure you use a REST V3 token to use REST V3!
  • Token is only to be retrieved using OAuth (How do I use OAuth?)
  • Return types: To be more REST compliant, always return the correct and same data type
  • NEW: Section debug containing the ttl and whoami funcionality
  • NEW: Token scopes. V3 tokens contain scopes to limit usage to certain parts of the API
  • NEW: POST /v3/groups/{group_id}/receivers/upsertplus: like upsert but with manipulation certain data values
  • NEW: POST /v3/clients/createAccount: create an account within your agency account *
  • NEW: POST /v3/blacklist/validate: filter list of emails to valid ones
  • NEW: PUT  /v3/blacklist: update an entry of blacklist
  • NEW: POST /v3/forms/{group_id}/createfromtemplate/{type}: creates a form by using a template
  • NEW: GET  /v3/receivers/bounced: get all bounces of the account
  • NEW: POST /v3/receivers/{id}/clone: clone a receiver and change the email of the clone
  • NEW: PUT  /v3/receivers/{id}/email: change email of a receiver
  • NEW: PUT  /v3/receivers/{pool_id}/orders/{id}: update an order item
  • NEW: POST  /v3/mailings/{id}/release: release a mailing to be sent *
  • NEW: POST  /v3/mailings/{id}/stop: stop a released mailing if not already sent *

* needs special permission by CleverReach


  • DELETE /v2/groups/{id}/receivers DISABLED because missing pool_id in DELETE /v2/groups/{id}/receivers/{pool_id} could clear a whole group.
  • DELETE /v2/groups/{id}/truncate: New function: clear a whole group
  • GET /v2/clients/: Change: Always return a array
  • GET /v2/clients/whoami: New function: Get Information about the current client
  • GET /v2/clients/{id}/token: New function: Get JWT token for the desired client


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